Dirty Ones E​.​P.

by Earlybizrd and The Bees

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released April 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Earlybizrd and The Bees Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Easy Love
V1: I won't walk a million miles/won't cross the whole damn country/ 'cause you want me to go the distance/ and I'm only willing to cross the street

Chorus: Well I ain't gonna climb no mountain/ain't gonna swim no sea/ain't gonna trek no desert for something I can't see/ Ain't gonna climb no mountain/ ain't gonna swim no sea/ some may call me lazy/ 'cause I like my lovin' easy yah/ easy love x2

V2: Many a mountain is too high/ and many a valley is too low/ many a river is much too wide/ and deep for me to go


V3: Real love ain't as hard as diamonds/ real love ain't as tough as trigonometry/ I say that love is smooth as menthols/ and simple as single malt whiskey

Track Name: Dirty Ones
V1: Long overdue since I checked him out/ 'cause tonight he's the book I wanna borrow/ his cyclic smile's a roundabout/ filling me until I cannot swallow

Chorus: He sure can make a girl dream/ his cruel coolness will make you foolishly pursue/ he sure knows how to stay clean/ but then again, dirty ones always do

V2: Must be a mirror in his pocket/ 'cause I'm reflected in those seams/ he's debris from heaven's comets/ a seraphim on six strings

Chorus: He sure can make a girl scream/ his cruel coolness will make you purposely pursue/ he sure knows how to stay clean/ but then again, dirty ones always do

V3: Born the son of an eastern sun ray/ he's crafting castles in his skies/ que sera sera come what may/ his lips straight sippin' all my sighs

Track Name: Young Broke Beyoutiful
Chorus: 'Cause you're young and I'm broke but we're beautiful/ not one out of place stroke on the canvas of your soul/ and your violet heart catches my indigo/ 'cause your young and I'm broke but we're beautiful

V1: Is this a dream or an overdose/ cheap wine and dine-osaur pillows/ kinda batty and you dress the part/ wearing your pork pie after dark


V2: Got the glitter of a fighter plane/ dropping bombs made of candy cane/ fire on his floor and in his eyes/ keeps telling me that there's always time

Track Name: Have Mercy ft Joseph Gárate
V1: I know trouble makes it's way around but it only seems to get me down/ I know that life ain't always fair but am I getting more than my share/ how can I be as happy as he, when I am filled with calamity/ I know he don't know longer love me, father-mother god please

Chorus: Have Mercy x4

V2: So tired of being your whipping boy, so tired of feeling like I am in your employ/ I know my mind just ain't that strong, know I was a fool to be takin' you on/ So tired of solving your mystery, I know you did take one good look at me/ you wondered like the rest of them what good you'd think I'd be, I no longer believe but you gotta


Bridge: If we could only be still for awhile/ you could be more than just one of my trials/ we go out dancing two sweet juveniles/ la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
but you gotta have mercy, o0oh x4

V3: Consumed my lust now I'm dry as dust/ I was a fool to ever give you my trust/ well you knocked me down a hundred times/ see there you go again telling your lies/ before I met you I was doing alright/ well when I met you, you drank ever night/ now that I've loved you I've been feeling so cold/ 'cause you think like Moses and I think like Job
Track Name: I Felt Your Shape
I thought I felt your shape but I was wrong/ nearly all I felt was falsely strong/ I held on tight and closed my eyes/ it was dumb I had no sense of your size/
Well it was dumb/ to hold so tight/ o0oh/ but last night
on your birthday in the kitchen/my grip was loose my eyes were open/ I felt your shape and heard you breathing/ I felt the rise and the fall of your chest
I felt your fall/ your winter snow/ your gusty blow/ your lava flow/ I felt it all/ your starry night/ your lack of light/ with limp arms I can feel most of you
and I hung around your neck independently/ and the cause was overwhelmed/ by this new depth I don't think I ever felt
now I dont know/ my nights are cold/ I could have sworn/ I wasn't alone
I wasn't alone x 4
I felt your shape x 14